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We assist foundations, NGOs, and government institutions
to communicate more effectively with their audiences and communities

be unique, be more perceivable like our partners
Data analysis & Infographics
We love data and we love to prepare infographics. Our team will review the reports and statistics you provide, extract important messages, develop sketches and create infographics.

Individual approach is delivered to each order based on the provided topic, data and the customer's expectations.
Access of children to Pre-school
education services in Armenia, 2019
Save the Children International Armenian Representative Office

The International development
and early learning assessments, 2019
Save the Children International Armenian Representative Office
Climate change & Environment, UNDP 2019
Regional Youth Needs in Armenia, 2019,
The Armenian Red Cross Society
Armenia's healthcare system, 2019
Local & National Elections in Armenia, 2018-2019
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Interactive infographics
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Multimedia Projects
Present your annual reports, projects, events, and e-books in a concise and beautiful way. Capture your audience with multimedia stories combined with interactive timelines, infographics, maps, and videos.

Make complex topics perceivable through multimedia projects, and the work you do and the message you deliver will be at the core of the attention of a wider audience.

30 steps of Armenian Velvet Revolution (eng, arm)

Women Labor Rights in Armenia (arm)

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Media Research

More than ten years of experience in online media research enables us to feel the pulse of information flows.

We monitor traditional and new media. Using media monitoring methodology and digital tools, we study various thematic issues.

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Trainings and Workshops
Media Education
With over 13 years of successful experience in media education, we launch educational initiatives in various fields of journalism, media and internet rights. Since 2007, our trainings and webinars have brought together over 4,000 people from about 10 countries. They have been the representatives of civil society and government agencies, media and education fields.

Topics and agendas of trainings are developed on the basis of best Western practice. We work with top international media experts from US, EU, Russia and EaP countries.

Our trainings are delivered by using interactive methods including small group discussions, case study reviews, role playing, quizzes, etc. This approach is a great way to learn through fun and engaging experiences.

Topics include but are not limited to:
- Principles of journalism,
- Media ethics,
- Social-economic and environmental journalism,
- Fact-checking and fighting fake news,
- Data journalism and visualization,
- Journalism research and investigation,
- News literacy,
- Productive communication on social networks,
- Mobile reporting
- VR in media,
- Internet security and rights.
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Book and Report Design
Page design and illustration of reports, manuals and professional books:
- PDF format for printing and electronic library,
- Interactive electronic format for online platforms.
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Translation & Publication
We translate professional literature, thematic researches and books into Armenian, English and Russian caring also for the design and publication, if needed.
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Be our partner
Ampop Media Partners was established to assist foundations, NGOs, and government institutions to communicate more effectively with their audiences and communities. Your data and reports, manuals, presentations and books will become more perceivable, influential and effective. They will look unique thanks to interactive, inspiring and aesthetic infographics, maps, timelines and other types of content. Since our mission also includes an educational component, we can organize trainings and webinars for your staff, helping them work more effectively in a social media environment.

This is the initiative of, first data-reporting platform in Armenia launched by Journalists for the Future NGO. During its 3-year activities, was handed 9 media awards.

By using our service, you will directly contribute to the empowerment of independent journalism in the Caucasus region and support the young team to more confidently carry out experiential initiatives in the media.

Be unique, be more perceivable through data visualization by joining Ampop Media Partners
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